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Green Screen

Green Screen


This is a green effect that is able to replace the green color with any background of your choice, To perform this effect you must have a photo with a green background and photo with a background to replace the green. Both must be uploaded as How to Order Tab.

In the case you don't have any photo with green background you can send any photo as per link (replace background). 

Soon we offer a photo home service included also: [Photo Passport]

See sample Before and after here:

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Before you upload be ready with your files. Our suggestion is to combine all together compressing in rar or zip format. The files extensions available to upload are as following; 


  • Specifications
    • Total Size: Minimum 128Kb Maximum size accepted is 5MB
    • Total files: Minimum 1, Maximum files is 25
    • Image size Max: 4500 x 3000 ( WxH in pixels)
    • Image color Channel: Any
    • Mazimum Filename Cut-off Length: 20

How To Order

Please refer on "How To Order" at the bottom of the page under [Customer Support] 

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  • Model 8005
  • Sku 8005
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $8.00

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